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The Box Meal Plan: November 18th through November 20thNovember 17th, 2014

These are all ideas for great Thanksgiving (or any holiday or big meal day) sides, but they work well for regular life too. Pate can be a real treat, but it can also be intimidating to try to make at

What's In the Box?November 17th, 2014

  About the Weekly Local Produce Box -For $25, customers can purchase a share of local produce from our network of farmers in Louisiana & southern Mississippi. The produce in the box is a mix

The Box Meal Plan: November 15th through November 17thNovember 14th, 2014

Continuing our love affair with Thanksgiving, we wanted to share some opportunities to use Box items from this week's selection, but in recipes that can be easily adapted depending on what you have on

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