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Hollygrove Market & Farm thrives on volunteer support. Whether its our weekly market volunteers or large groups looking to lend a hand, we are more than willing to work with anyone interested in helping out. Our current volunteer openings are listed below. Click on the links to contact the person in charge of each volunteering opportunity.


Market Volunteer

We love our regular volunteers - you know who you are! Thanks for everything you do.


Compost Volunteer

Interested in helping manage our mountain of compost? Contact Nico Krebil or Keenan McDonald to learn more about how to get involved and why composting is so important!

Nico Krebil (Nico@vetiverfarm.com)

Keenan McDonald (Keenan@vetiverfarm.com)


Garden & Farm Volunteer

Interested in learning about growing while helping keep the gardens in tip top shape? Then this position is for you! Our Mentor Farmers will teach you the basics of growing in exchange for helping them with the daily operations of our urban farm plot. Click the link to contact the farmers and learn more.

Contact Our Mentor Farmers

Macon Fry: maconfry@rocketmail.com (Tuesday-Thursday)

Amber Dawn Parker: amber@nolagrowyourown.com (Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday Mornings)

Kweku Nyaawie: nyaawie@ymail.com (Monday-Sunday)



The Box Meal Plan: September 2nd through September 4thSeptember 1st, 2014

Though it's sad to say goodbye to peaches and heigh-of-summer produce, we are thrilled to be at the start of greens season! Kale has already risen to vegetable stardom, so we wanted to highlight some

What's In the Box?September 1st, 2014

  About the Weekly Local Produce Box -For $25, customers can purchase a share of local produce from our network of farmers in Louisiana & southern Mississippi. The produce in the box is a mix

The Box Meal Plan: August 30th through September 1stAugust 29th, 2014

One of the beautiful things about the growing seasons in the region is we get two seasons of squash! Welcome yellow summer squash and zucchini (another summer squash with its own fancy name) back into

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